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At Employer Support we understand the importance of relevant and consistent employment advice. We know that blanket advice is of little real use in the long term, and that the only way forward is to assess the unique situation of each individual business. All of our employment lawyers have a wide range of experience working the commercial world alongside business of all sizes. They are willing to come and visit your company to get to know your business better and to help deliver more specific advice on matters regarding employment law or health and safety, where it is important to understand the particular working environment.

Our Dedicated Team of Employment Lawyers

Whatever the specific needs of your business, an experienced employment lawyer will be allocated to your case to support you in the search for your ideal employment law solution. This specialist will work together with you to ensure that you are always being given advice of the highest quality. Every single one of our specialists is a fully qualified legal or HR practitioner (BVC, LPC and LLB).

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