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Employment Law

If you decided to take out our Employment Law service then these are the steps that we will take to ensure you the very best quality service possible:

  1. We will initially call to assess your business’s exact priorities and needs, to gain all the information necessary to build a profile of your company and also to establish exactly what your desired outcomes are.
  2. We will then either produce from scratch or revise an existing version of your Statements of Terms and Conditions of Employment. We will work with you to look over and make any necessary changes to your company’s handbook.
  3. The next step is to visit your company site to discuss and see first-hand the implantation of any changes we have made and to advise you and your colleagues about contracts being taken forward.

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Employment Tribunal Representation

Since the removal of employment tribunal fees, there have been dramatic increase of employment claims. If a case is taken to the Employment Tribunal, it can become extremely stressful and expensive for employers, but with Employer Support representing you, you will have one less thing to worry about. We will endeavour to offer you the very best in legal advice and expertise to ensure that your reputation as a business remains completely intact.

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Associated Services

Management of employees is not always straightforward or enjoyable. Unfortunately, many managers will have had to deal with cases of misconduct or employees being deliberately difficult to manage. There are some instances in which it can be beneficial to step back and be impartial, allowing the management decisions to be implemented by someone else. We will ensure that everybody’s statutory rights are being met and that a fair and just outcome is reached for both parties, by carrying out disciplinary procedures or grievance hearings on your behalf.

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Employment Law Training

We want to ensure that you are given advice towards making changes in your company which can be sustained into the future. We can help you to maintain the amendments to your business structure and/or strategy by offering high quality training for your human resources and management teams. We can help to teach them about any matter regarding employment law, according to the needs of your company.

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Whatever your payroll needs, we can help take a weight off your mind by managing them for you. We can provide any service from providing custom payslips, assistance with PAYE and audits or help with filing at the end of the tax year. It is important to get wage payment right the first time around as even small mistakes can be costly to put right. By transferring the responsibility of your payroll over to us, we will be the ones who have to make sure that everything is exactly right, which means that you can concentrate on other important elements of the business.

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