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Management of employees is not always straightforward or enjoyable. Unfortunately, many managers will have had to deal with cases of misconduct or employees being deliberately difficult to manage. There are some instances in which it can be beneficial to step back and be impartial, allowing the management decisions to be implemented by someone else. We will ensure that everybody’s statutory rights are being met and that a fair and just outcome is reached for both parties, by carrying out disciplinary procedures or grievance hearings on your behalf.

Redundancy Management

In order to remain successful over a longer period of time, a business must be flexible, to adapt according to changes in the market. Restructuring your team of employees may be a vital part of this process. You may find that in order to be more efficient or to adapt the structure of the company to be more competitive you need to cut back on the number of people you are employing, or make changes to existing contracts. This process can be time-consuming and is not the most enjoyable of tasks for any management team.

We can help you by coming and working with you to determine the most efficient plan for your business going ahead. We will then work in house on your behalf to find the best strategy for you. We can then implement the plan on your behalf by coming onto the site and working under your supervision.

Disclosure and Barring Service

If you are working in a secure industry handling sensitive and confidential information then you may require a screening process to take place before you recruit candidates. We can help you by carrying out a Disclosure and Barring check. We are an umbrella body to the official Disclosure and Barring Service and can therefore liaise with them easily to make the process much simpler on your part.

Mediation Services

Should you ever find yourself in a position where two or more of your employees are in disagreement about a fairly major subject and cannot see eye–to–eye, we can help you by coming in to mediate the situation. We also offer advice and support for cases in which individual employees have become extremely difficult to manage. We provide a professional and cost effective mediation service, conducted with the upmost discretion at all times. This service is available both face-to-face and over the phone according to your specific needs.

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