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Safety Policy & Documents

All business owners and directors have a responsibility to make sure that the environment in which your employees are working is safe and that their health is not compromised in any way. Safety must be respected at all times to reduce any risks to employees within the work place.

Even if existing policies are appropriately drawn up to protect your employees, if they are not implemented correctly then there may be serious consequences which can even include prison sentences in the most extreme cases.

At Employer Support, we make sure that all of the clients we work with are fully protecting their business and their employees. We have a dedicated team of expert Health and Safety consultants who revise every single document to make sure that they satisfy all Health and Safety requirements and the duty of care you have towards your staff.

Firstly, we will conduct a general risk assessment, following which, your Health and Safety advisor will issue you with a written statement of your policy. This is a legal requirement and will lay out all of the preventative measures that you have in place to protect your members of staff.

The document will state that you are fulfilling your duty of care by maintaining a safe working environment for your employees. It will have details of the responsibilities of the business itself and all of your employees to keep the workplace as safe as possible for all. It will also include all of the practical ways in which you will correctly implement the written policy to fully protect your members of staff.

Risk Management Report

Once the in-depth evaluation of your company has been made, we will issue you with a comprehensive report of all of the possible risks to Health and Safety found on your premises. The account will make you aware of any breaches of policy and any instances in which you seem to be in contravention of the law. Your advisor will be able to help you to focus first on areas of impending risk, to ensure that your health and safety policy protects you and your employees well into the future.

We know that developments in health and safety can occur at any minute of the day so we have a team of experts on hand to advise you how best to deal with new situations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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